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The Blue Mountain Baseball League

The Blue Mountain Baseball League has over 50 years of baseball tradition in the Lehigh Valley with currently eight highly talented squads doing battle in 2006. It is comprised of over 200 players, coaches, and managers who are a part of this great league, not for any money or fame, but because they love the game of baseball.

Rounding First Movie

Twelve-year olds Joe, Tiger and Chris break out of summer baseball camp to secretly trail Joe’s parents, who have lied to Joe about a mysterious trip they’re taking. The boys must piece together clues, avoid their parents, dodge the police, trust a stranger – and not destroy their friendships in the process – during an adventurous road trip in their last summer before junior high. In the spirit of Stand By Me, Rounding First is a coming-of-age tale set in the summer of 1980.

Pride of the Diamond

Founded by Coach Tim Neiman, Pride of the Diamond is a leader in the development and promotion of young athletes specifically in the sport of baseball.

Limeport Bulls

Volpe's Limeport Bulls are a proud participant in the Blue Mountain League. Members of the BML since 2014, with back to back Championships in 2015 & 2016. Prior to that, the Bulls were members of the Tri-County League for 35 years winning over 620 regular season games. They have a rich tradition of success which includes 8 championships and 22 first or second place finishes in the regular season.

Digital Ballparks

Digital Ballparks is a collection of photos by Eric and Wendy Pastore.

Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum

The Lehigh County Historical Society is one of the largest historical societies in America. Our new 30,000 square foot headquarters museum The Lehigh Valley Heritage Museum is a state-of-the-art climate-controlled facility that houses one of the finest historical research libraries in the state of Pennsylvania. The Heritage Museum includes 4 galleries with more than 10,000 square feet of exhibits

Lehigh Valley Legion Baseball

An updated schedule of games in the Lehigh Valley Legion for 2008 has been loaded onto this web site.

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