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Mission Statement

Help us keep the tradition alive!

Limeport Stadium, Inc. is seeking a few good people to help maintain this historic ballpark and keep the tradition of Lehigh Valley Baseball alive in our community.

Limeport Stadium, Inc. is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that owns, operates and maintains beautiful Limeport Stadium.

Rich with history, Limeport Stadium was built in 1933 by local businessman, Howard "Lefty" Fegely of Limeport. Mr. Fegely's dream was to provide a quality facility for his players, and a place where the community could meet and enjoy watching local baseball.

Today, Limeport Stadium, Inc., keeps the dream alive by preserving this historic landmark that is host to over 100 games a season. It is a place where the community can watch quality baseball in a serene setting - where it seems that time stands still. For the young, it is a "field of dreams". For the not so young, it is a place that brings back the memories of youth.

Come and join the tradition that is Limeport Stadium!

For information about membership in LSI, please e-mail us via the contact form.

LSI meets once a month and your time and efforts are voluntary.

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